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Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located southwestern Slovakia on the borders with Austria and Hungary. It is the only national capital that borders two independent countries. Known as Pressburg to German-speakers or Pozsony to Hungarian-speakers, Bratislava got its present name only since 1919. But the city has a long and proud history that dates back to pre-Roman times.

The city was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary, a part of the larger Habsburg Monarchy territories and became a coronation town and the seat of kings and all major organisations and offices. Eleven Hungarian kings and queens were crowned at St. Martin's Cathedral including The Queen Maria Theresa.

For many people still known as a part of former Czechoslovakia, Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia becoming more and more popular city, modern and young so called “Partyslava” or “BARtislava”.

Slovak National Theatre, drama and ballet in Bratislava

The Slovak National Theatre, one of the country’s most important cultural institutions, was established in 1920. Today it comprises drama, opera and ballet sections, each with its permanent professional company, with a central scene shop providing sets for all productions.

Drama & Ballet in Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava

Slovak National Theatre - Historical Building, Bratislava, SlovakiaSlovak National Theatre - Fountain  & Historical Building, Bratislava, SlovakiaSlovak National Theatre - Historical Building, Bratislava, Slovakia

The Slovak National Theatre is located in two separate buildings; a Habsburg-era building right in the city centre on Hviezdoslav’ Square and a new building, opened in April 2007 located only a few minutes walk from the historical centre, at the Danube coast. Opera performances are subtitled in Slovak or Germans, so it is advisable for English-language speakers to familiarize themselves with the plot in advance.

The Slovak National Theatre is a repertory company with a season extending from the beginning of September to the end of June. Performances are staged every day except Sunday (opera and ballet) or Monday (drama). Performances usually start at 7 pm.

Tickets may be purchased at the Slovak National Theatre Central Box Offices on Jesenskeho street or in new building on Olejkárska street. Both offices are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 8 pm.

Telephone reservations:

+421 2 577 82 539 (group bookings)

+421 2 5443 3764 (individual bookings for historical building)

+421 2 5778 2536 (individual bookings for new building)

Find more details on the Slovak National Theatre website.

Drama program

Ballet program

History of drama in Slovak National Theatre

History of ballet in Slovak National Theatre

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