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Cultural Summer Bratislava, Jazz under the Old Town TowerCultural Summer Bratislava, Jazz under the Old Town TowerCultual Summer in Bratislava,  Days of Masters on Bratislava CastleCultual Summer in Bratislava,  Devin Castle, Festival of historical, music, dance, fencing and handicrafts

Bratislava is full of great cultural events and celebrations that can really enhance your stay while here.

Annually in Bratislava are held many other cultural events. Among them the best-known are Bratislava Music Festival (BHS) in September and Bratislava Jazz Days (BJD) in spring and autum. BHS musical celebration highlights the best of the best from Beethoven to classic and new jazz. Different philharmonic groups travel from all over even the U.S. to perform at these series.

The majority of tickets cost about 4 € but for special performances could be up to 38 €. You can book them on-line with Ticketportal or Eventim.

One of the major event that locals and tourists love is the Organ Music Days in August which take place at the castle. Even if this is not your music of choice it is a great way to see the tradition of this culture.

Cultural Summer including Film Festival at Main Square starts in July and runs through September. Meet up to catch a flick, drink some wine and enjoy interlude musical performances. Even if you don't understand the movie chances are you'll meet some great people sitting around you.

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Anual Coronation Ceremony in Bratislava

Coronation Ceremony in Bratislava

Every year in September Bratislava returns hundreds years back to the time of the Renaissance for the Coronation Ceremony. It is the largest cultural event in Slovakia and boasts a cast of hundreds.

Experience the crowning ceremony which takes place over three days where you can enjoy the crowning of a former Hungarian King in St Martin's Dome. Take part in the royal procession. Watch the dubbing of the knights of the Golden Stirrup, witness the royal oath and join in the grand feast. There are over 200 actors in costumes, more than 150 artisans, a jousting tournament and wine pouring out of a fountain. There are also other related events taking place in Slovakia. So come and enjoy the exceptional atmosphere in the streets of the Old Town.

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