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Bratislava tours - audio and video sightseeing tours

Bratislava Audio Tours

Bratislava Audio Tour consists of 11 tracks describing the most important landmarks of Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic. Tracks are in MP3 format and are DRM-free so they are compatible with any MP3 player, mobile phone or computer.

Bratislava virtual sightseeing tour

Bratislava - most photographed statueBratislava - most photographed statue

There are several tours available.

List of Bratislava virtual tours

Hlavne namestie (Main Square)

Michal's Tower and Micheal's Street

Primacialne namestie (Primatial square)

Junction of Rybarska brana, Laurinska and Panska streets

Still not enough? You can take a tour by Presporacik

From Bratislava you can bring also many souvenirs as wooden dippers, figures from ear leaves, painted ceramics, wooden toys and history books. The most popular souvenirs are small imitations of famous statues as Man in the channel, Schoner Naci, Napoleons' s soldier or castle silhouette.

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