Restaurants in Bratislava

Bratislava offers to its visitors a wide range of restaurants where you can have typical Slovak dishes in addition to Hungarian, Czech and Austrian specialities. Nowdays the Italian and French restaurants are becoming very popular and therefore more and more place offers intenational cuisine.

Slovak Restaurants

You will find restaurants claiming to have traditional Slovak dishes all over Bratislava. It is not an officially certified name – there is no quality control about which restaurants are really “Slovak”, so of course the quality and price may vary. But in general any restaurant that displays the Slovak-language “Slovenska restauracia” will offer you a real chance to taste authentic Slovak cooking.

Most popular Slovak restaurants:

1. Slovak Pub on Obchodna 62 ($$) - the biggest restaurant in Bratislava, good choice for reasonable money in typical Slovak interior

Slovenska restauracia on Hviezdoslavovo namestie 20 ($$$$)

Prasna Basta on Zamocnicka 11 - historical building with beautifull outsite seating in courtyard ($$$)

Stylish Restaurants - Top Restaurants

Below is the list of trendy restaurands and at the same time the rating which is annualy issued by indipendend Restaurant Guide - Top Trend. We also mark the price range from $ (cheapest) to $$$$$ (very expensive). In this section you find mainly $$$-$$$$$. The order below is alphabetical.

Alize (Hurbanovo nam. 6) - an elite restaurant for an elite clientele. The gourmet atmosphere is set by a small sushi bar by the entrance to the building. The elegant restaurant is on the 4th floor, which offers a particularly pleasant dining experience at night with a view of the Old Town. The extensive summer terrace has a new roof. Many fishes and sea food dishes, first rate salads, goose liver and extensive use of herbs. There is also a unique wine selection from around the world. (Top Trend Rating #6-8, $$$$)

Albrecht Hotel restaurant (Top Trend Rating #4, $$$$)

Aston Business Hotel - restaurant Cubes (Top Trend Rating #9-10)

Camouflage (Venturska 1) - this restaurant in the Erdody palace has a meticulously coordinated interior and professional waiting staff who are able to assist guests to orientate themselves in the extensive menu containing varied combinations of tastes created by the excellent chef. His experience from the best Prague restaurants and elsewhere creates a visual and taste experience in every dish. The wine list also corresponds to the first rate dining. (Top Trend Rating #1, $$$$$)

Caribic's (Zizkova 1/A) - theis restaurant on the left side of the Danube riverfront is popular for its fresh fish, lobsters and seafood. The menu offers many high quality dishes and it is difficult to know what to choose. In addition to the seafood specialities there are also various dishes from pasta and meat and a tempting selection of excellent steaks. The tasty cuisine and pleasant service mean this has long been a popular place for work and family meetings despite the fact that it is located outside the historical centre. (Top Trend Rating ****, #14, $$$$)

El Gaucho (Hviezdoslavovo nam 13) - uses first rate ingredients and most of the dishes are prepared on special grill with lava stones. Each course is served specifically, which makes a positive impression. Astute waiting staff assist with the choice from five types of steaks (thanks to the various sizes and methods of preparation this represent different combinations),fish and pasta. (Top Trend Rating #19-24, $$$$)

Flowers restaurant & wine bar (Venturaska street 1) – visit in this place is like a relaxing in a winter garden. It is located in courtyard Erdödyho palace with a glass roof. Lot of flowers, paintings and a quite atypical interior. Special attention to the open space kitchen allows you to watch the chef preparing one of the specialities of Italian or Mediterranean cuisine. (Top Trend Rating #2, $$$$)

Kogo (Hviezdoslavovo nam 21) - has become immediatelly after opening one of the most popular restaurants in Bratislava pedeslrian zone. It has probablythe most bautiful air conditioned covered terrace in the cily. Superb coffee and an exceptional wine selection. (Top Trend Rating #6-8, $$$$)

Le Monde (Rybarska brana 8)- Right in the heart of Bratislava‘s historical pedestrian zone, in the middle of Hviezdoslav square, you will find the stylish Le Monde restaurant. The name itself confirms that Le Monde represents a mixture of culinary creativity from all over The World. The menu is a guide to various cuisines from Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Asia and Central Europe, where modern and traditional cuisines come together. Beautiful rooms with an amazing view from the terrace and upper balcony combine with perfect service to make your visit memorable. (Top Trend Rating #4, $$$$$)

Malecon (Nam. L. Stura 4) - The Cuban restaurant is located on the corner of the square Námestie Ľ. Štúra, right opposite the dock of Propeler on the Danube riverbank. If you are looking for a place that reflects the atmosphere and energy of Havana, Malecón is the best place. Throughout the years the place became the meeting place and melting pot of people and cultures. Malecon comes alive at night too. Cuban musicants, cigars and wide selection of coctails, all atract the crowd. (Top Trend Rating #19-24, $$$)

Marrol's Hotel - Messina luxury Italian restaurant (Top Trend Rating #6-8, $$$$$)

Paparazzi Ristorante & Cocktail Bar (Laurinska 1) - chic Italian restaurant which is split into two parts. In the front there is a small bar and further there is a popular restaurant with tasteful meals and Italian wines. Located on Laurinska street. (Top Trend Rating #19-24, $$$$)

Parcafe - located in residential area Horsky Park attracts mainly business clients, focused on Spanish cuisine (Top Trend Rating #6-8, $$$$)

Radisson Blu Carlton - restaurant Oasis (Top Trend Rating #9-10)

Three Musketeers -Traja Mušketieri (Sladkovicova 7) – traditional cellar restaurant with 17th century atmosphere and waiters in traditional costumes from that age. On request there is a sword play entertainment available. (Top Trend Rating #25-27, $$$)

UFO watch.taste.groove (New Bridge) - UFO is located in the 'flying saucer" of the New Bridge and is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Bratislava so it belongs to the category "must see ". Excellent view from the terrace, superb cuisine, exceptional surroundings and staff. The selection of dishes is appropriately exclusive and tempting. Reservation is required. (Top Trend Rating #3, $$$$$)

Ethnic Restaurants

Argentinian steak house El gaucho on Hviezdoslavovo square

Asian restaurant Fusion at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Bulgarian restaurant Eponymous on the bottom of Palisady street

Chinese restaurant Palatin on Laurinska street, restaurant Bamboo Garden on Frantiskanske Square, restaurant Jasmin on Zidovska street, restaurant Shanghai at the Hotel Astra on Prievozska street

Croatian restaurant U Mamicky at Palisady stret (fresh seafood from a charcoal grill and an open garden seating

Cuban restaurant Malecon at Namestie Ludovita Stura (deluxe restaurants, outstanding dishes, excellent service, Cuban live music nights available, cocktail bar), restaurant Havana on Michalska street

French restaurant Ludwig at Venturska street (luxurios), Le Monde on Hviezdoslavovo square (luxurious), French restaurant in Devin Hotel (luxurious)

Greek an authentic Taverna with an extensive menu and friendly service on Kosicka street

Hungarian restaurant in Perugia Hotel on Zelena street

Indian restaurant Ashoka at Zivnostenska stret, restaurant Krishna on Marina Botel, Govinda restaurant at Obchodna street (cheap but tasty vegan Indian), Indian fastfood in Aupark

Italian restaurants are available at many different locations just few to list: Pizza Mizza on Tallerova stret (largest pizza in town), pizzeria Ciao at Trnavska road (one of the largest with outside seating), Al Dente Risorante on Hodzovo square 3, stylish Kogo restaurant on Hviezdoslavovo square, Paparazzi on Laurinska street, Liviano in technopol Businessuite on Kutlikova street in Petrzalka, La Mamma on Skultetyho street (cozy small with one of the best pizza) or Estremo on the same street (stylish one with very good service)

Japanese largest and probably the best is Osakasushibar on Kazanska street, Sushi Bar Tokyo on Strakova street (also Thai food served), sushi Bar Kikaku on Gorkeho street, Asian Star at the Aupark Shopping Centre (also offering all-you-can-eat menu)

Jewish Chez David restaurant on Zamocka street (delicious kosher-style cuisine)

Mexican restaurant El Diablo on Sedlarska street, Corrida de Toros on Laurinska street

Spanish Tapas are served at the Tapas Bar on Laurinska street and Rambla restaurant on Michalska street

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