Cafes, bars and pubs in Bratislava

Trendy coctail bars in Bratislava

Malecon - Malecón is a restaurant located on the corner of the square Námestie Ľ. Štúra, right opposite the dock of Propeler on the Danube riverbank. If you are looking for a place that reflects the atmosphere and energy of Havana, Malecón is the best place. Throughout the years the place became the meeting place and melting pot of people and cultures. Over the years Malecón has became a legend. The spirit and vibrant atmosphere of Malecon will capture you with an ease and will stay in your memories forever. It is a place that will seduce you, relax you, and attract you over and over again.

Greenwitch Cocktail bar – 1st and one of the most popular and trendy cocktail bar is on Zelena street. The most beautiful ladies and girls are accompanied by wealthy men which are coming here to show up. During weekends it is very difficult to get inside and thus a lot of people are just standing, drinking and chatting outside where few bars and tables are places in narrow street.

Medusa – one of the best restaurants is switching to crowded bar and sometimes even dancing place in the weekends evenings. The opposite there is a Havana café and these two popular places opposite each other are changing from pleasant restaurants to lively and popular cocktail bars in the evening together with people standing on the street.

Casa del Havana – cocktail bar in Cuban style. Every Friday music night with Latino disco.

Paparazzi - this restaurant on Laurinska street is devided into two parts where in the entrance part they serves cocktails to a cosmopolitan crowd.

Cocoloco – stylish top bar with variety of cool cocktails (120 kinds) and the great atmosphere is nearby the Michalska gate. Modern furniture from glass and leather is perfectly illuminated by ultraviolet light which dominates the interior. Discos from Thu till Sat are open till late morning.

You can find many other intersting places in section Nightlife in Bratislava.

Most popular cafes in Bratislava

There are many excellent cafes and bars in Bratislava. The city is known for a traditional coffee drinking culture that is also emblematic for other capitals along the Danube River and has to do with the former Austro-Hungarian imperial tradition.

Divan cafe - with its offer of 70 types of coffees but not just that was awarded in 2006 as Best Cafe in Bratislava

Next Apache - this lovely and friendly small libresso (cafe and library) in a courtyard on Panenska street got its name thanks to 'Nech sa paci' which means in Slovak "you welcome" and is pronouced similar to next apache. They offer quality coffee a variety of soft drinks and draught beer. One nice feautre for english speakers is the hundreds of English-language books available to either browse or buy. In the summer a charming and comfortable terrace opens up within the building's courtyard.

Café café – fashion and trendy place in Italian style and designers furniture. Lovely seating outside. Offers English, French, Italian and Slovak breakfast. Is located on the corner of Panska street.

Cafe Mayer - reviving a tradition from the early 20th century, Mayer is an impeccably polished café, offering some of the proudest-looking home-made cakes in Bratislava.You should not miss an opportunity to taste a typical poppy-seed strudel, maroon filled cake or a Sacher cake, which will remind you that Bratislava is only 60 kilometers from Vienna.

Roland Cafe - located on Main Square with bautiful view on the sqaure and outsite seating so it is ideal place for people watching and relaxing

Café Maximilian - furbished as cafe & chocolaterie with large selection of delicacies in a smoke-free environment. This cafe is great for people-watching in the Main Square.

Antik – a richly decorated posh café in a mirrored, antique style room offers spotless service and great coffee just off the Main Square on Sedlarska. The café also serves mixed drinks and draught beer. Anitk is popular with tourists, local businessmen, and locals, and all are vying for the street side seating. On colder days the outside seating is surrounded by glass, and gas heaters keep you and your coffee warm.

Verne - located in the building of the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts on Hviezdoslavovo Square is a charming café with antique furniture and unique decorations based on some the fantastical themes that exist within the books of the French writer Jules Verne. Verne serves excellent coffee but is also popular for draught beer and drinks in the evening. Throughout the day the kitchen serves up a variety of mainly local dishes (albeit with varied quality). Outside seating along the square is hugely popular.

Jazz cafe - stylish restaurant with several plasma screens with often live music became just ideal place for all cafe and music lovers. It is on Venturska steet with outsite seating.

Best pubs in Bratislava

The Dubliner - The Dubliner's Irish Pub at Sedlarska Street in the Old City serves Irish, as well as Slovak beers, along with pub food. It is expensive but one of the trendiest pub in Bratislava. Very social, popular meeting place.

El Diablo Pub
- next door pub with the Mexican restaurant on the 1st floor. Downstairs there are discos and usually quite loud music. Outside seating with about 20 tables is very popular and together with Irish Pub ones are the most crowded during summer.

17's Bar - on Hviezdoslavovo namestie 17 with the best Czech beer at 1 EUR and late night opening hours attract the crowds. Bar is known also for good pizza served until 1.00 am.

Slang Pub –located on Hviezdoslav Square. Good service, local atmosphere, wooden furniture, great choice of wine and beer….that’s all and many more that rank this pub amongst the most popular ones.

1st Slovak Pub - the largest pub is on Obchodna 62 and can accommodate up to 600 patrons. Purely Slovak design of rooms representing the various periods of the national history, the cheapest typical Slovak meals and many Slovak students drinking here make it a good choice. It is composed of 14 separate rooms representing various periods in Slovak history.

List of some other places to go out in Bratislava

Aligator, Laurinska ulica 7

Bastion Pub, Trnavske myto 1

Bar Parada, Hviezdoslavovo nam. 14

Cafe Apponyi, Radnicna 1

Downtown, Klariska

De Zwan Cafe, Panska 7

Eden Pub, Obchodna 48

Faces club, Michalska 5

Gremium, Gorkeho 11

Cheers Pub, Obchodna 64

Ister Cafe, Venturska 8

Kino Cafe, Obchodna 58

Klub F, Venturska 18

Kristian Pub, Michalska 10

Norton Club, Panska 29

Piano Bar, Laurinska 11

Peklo, Hviezdoslavovo nam. 11

Propeler Cafe, Razusovo nabrezie 1

Pivnica u Kozla, Panska 27

Pohoda, Laurinska 3

Radost' Music Club, Obchodna 48

Studio club cafe, Laurinska 13

Templars, Panska 18

Umelka, Dostojevskeho rad 2

Vydrica, Beblaveho 6

Zanzzibar, Obchodna 32

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