Fastfood in Bratislava - cheap eating in Bratislava

International Chains

McDonalds you can find at several locations e.g. on Hviezdoslavovo Square, SNP Square, Obchodna street, Aupark Shopping centre, Polus Shopping Centre.

Same with KFC which you can find in Aupark Shopping Centre, on Obchodna stret and in SNP square.

Pizza Hut is only at Tecso store on Panonska street.

Local Fastfood in Bratislava

Bratislava offers a growing selection of local fast-food options. In the winter time the Christmas Market at the Main Square is hard to beat for selection and thanks to its atmosphere and meals and drinks it is visited by plenty of tourists.

Below are some tips of year round fast-foods:

Bagel & Coffee Story on Sturova street (near the Comenius University) and on Obchodna street are stylish bagel and coffee factory with clean and modern interior.

Bageterias - number of these small local stalls serving fresh baguette sandwiches. A popular one is on the corner of Zelena and Venturska streets and several are on Obchodna street and Marianska street.

Kebab - Happy Kebab at SNP Square or Obchodna street, a late night kebab place is just above Michael's Gate, another one next to Irish Pub on Sedlarska steet and in front of Tesco store.

Manderlak - another late night fastfood stall is in a historical well known building Manderlak (oposit Tesco on the way to pedestrian zone) they serve fried meats, hot dogs and chicken breast sandwiches.

Richman chain - several stalls located throughout the city and serve a Slovak specialty, the "Richman sandwich" that consists of ham, mayonnaise, cheese, and cabbage or other fillings of your choice on a simple bun. Richmenerias are cheap and serve late into the night. One is at Kamenne Square (in front of the Tesco) another one on Marianska street (near Kyjev Hotel), on Safarikovo square and Venturska street.

Typical Slovak Langos (local garlic fried potato flatbreads served with cheese ketchup or mayonnaise), lokse (potato pancakes served with sweet toppings or salty ones) and some others are availble in the indoor market at SNP Square or Old Town Market.

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