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Bratislava is a city where you can spend a 24 hour day nonstop. Typical evening in Bratislava starts in its bars and pubs bordering especially narrow streets of the historical Old Town (Venturska, Panska, Michalska, Sedlarska) which are proudly dubbed Corso by citizens of Bratislava for decades.

Trendy Clubs & Discos

Trafo Music Bar - in March 2006 a new stylish music club came up. It is located in the Erdody Palace’s underground on Ventúrska 1, in the heart of Bratislava. The location, design and new architectonical elements make this place an extraordinary and interactive world of music, lights and mainly …. the heart of happening, safely hided from the curious fellows’ sights. All this will prove the original program which will allure those people who are seeking fun and original entertainment and those who want to enjoy appearing on tour the famous DJs and interpreters from indoor and outdoor musical scene. For those who wish to enjoy their experience at rest is prepared the longest concrete bar (15.4 meters long), which they can enjoy with their favourite cocktail drink while watching the happening on the parquet.

Malecon - restaurant during day and bar with Cuban live music during night located on the corner of the square Námestie Ľ. Štúra, right opposite the dock of Propeler on the Danube riverbank. If you are looking for a place that reflects the atmosphere and energy of Havana, Malecón is the best place. Over the years Malecón has became a legend. The spirit and vibrant atmosphere of Malecon will capture you with an ease and will stay in your memories forever.

Cirkus Barok - unique bar on the boat at the Danube River near the Old City with live music. Cirkus Barok is known as a steamy dance club and bar with several floors.

Dopler – a multi disco and entertainment centre belongs to top in Bratislava. There is remote ordering system on everybody’s bracelet that allows you flexible ordering and payment only at the end. Capacity is 1200 people. Often companies’ parties are organized here. It is located on Prievozska street which is 5 minutes by taxi

Subclub - this underground music club offers everything from jazz to drum and bass in the premises of a former nuclear bunker under the castle. It was also called Ucko.

Harley Davidson Club - is far out of the centre at Rebarborova Street but worth the taxi fare to get there. This is a local place where you will find lots of local girls dancing in the boxing ring in the middle of the club. At around 11:00 & 02:00 every weekend the female stripper makes an appearance. It is large and popular bar not only for bikers playing mainly rock and oldies. There are 5 bars, air-conditioned saloon, restaurant, grill, big terrace, children playground, easy parking, and nice staff, all these in a comfortable Western-Mexican style.

Remix - a non-smoking dance club, which was opened only at the beginning of 2009. It is located in the Historical centre of Bratislava on Venturska street. Remix plays mostly progressive, trance and house music. Open during the weekdays as a bar from 9.00 pm until midnight and 9.00 pm until 4.00 am on the weekends.

UFO Groove - nightclub situated at the top of the pylons, connected with the New Bridge. It is in the height of 80 meters, there is also a restaurant. Visitors go up by high-speed lift in arm of the pylon. (There is an emergency staircase with 430 steps in the other arm.). UFO nightclub is limited to 150 guests. It is open only on Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Hysteria Pub - a fair way out of the city centre ( Odbojarov street, 5 min by taxi) but worth to go there. Enjoy large but crowded discos every weekend and is always full of students and young Slovak girls. They offer many sorts of beers. You dance above an ice skating rink.

Flamenco Music Club - is popular spot with Latino rhythms into the early morning hours. There are lessons each week for those interested in pursuing the finer steps in the world of Latin American dance. Located on Stefanikova street.

Sparx – Sparx is one of the largest disco clubs in Bratislava and is located on Cintorinska Street, close to Tesco on the opposite side of the Kamenné námestie. Open every day except Sunday. Sparx opens at 11.00 am and serves as a restaurant and bar on weekdays. On weekends however the dance floors open and the club closes around 04.00 am. There is the longest bar in Bratislava and offer of 10 kinds of beer. The pub is known by various events and celebrations as well as concerts. During weekends the place is full and open till late morning. This place became very popular also for tourists.

Charlie Club - in past well known as Charlies Pub was renamed and reopened recently to better accommodate all visitors with large danceflor and hot 90' music. It is located just behind the Tesco store on Spitalska street

Cocoloco – stylish top bar with variety of cool cocktails (120 kinds) and the great atmosphere is nearby the Michalska gate. Modern furniture from glass and leather is perfectly illuminated by ultraviolet light which dominates the interior. Discos from Thu till Sat are open till late morning.

Nu Spirit Bar & Lounge - cosy and extra chill night bar located on Medena street (formerly known as Buddha Bar) fatures DJs on most nights and has a solid local following the soothing nu jazz draws a sophisticated crowd of different age groups.


There are three main casinos that are offering professional gambling mainly in roulette, blackjack or poker in Bratislava.

Royal Regency Casino, Crowne Plaza, Hodzovo nam. 2, tel: 5443 2377 - located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Olympic Casino - new casino opened in June 2008 at the Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel in Hviezdoslavovo Square. Olympic is the first 24-hour casino.

Casino Cafe Reduta, Medena 3, tel: 5443 2021 - the oldest casino located in a historical building in the heart of the Old Town

Besides these there are many smaller gaming rooms with slot machines, electronic roulette and bingo. Many of these offer not professional services and are often visited by strange locals.

Gay Nights

The New York Times named Bratislava among its Five Great Gay Destinations. "The scene may be small, but the boys in the Slovakian capital look like extras from a Bel Ami movie and are incredibly friendly."

Gay Club Apollon – the most popular gay disco bar, various events and thematic evenings (travesty show, striptease...). Is located on Panenska street 24. Opening hours: Mon – Thu from 6.00 pm till 3.00 am, Fri – Sat from 6.00 pm till 5.00 am Sundays only for men open from 8.00 pm till 1.00 am.

Apollon club cafe – It is ideal place for rest befor starting night life. Located on Vysoka street 20.

4 Pink´s – if you want to have a drink with your dear friend or get to know new friends come here to sit down in a comfortable and private place. You can also enjoy fun and dance nights here. It is open until 2.00 am, Fri and Sat till 5.00 am

Gay friendly places:

Antik – a richly decorated posh café in a mirrored, antique style room offers spotless service and great coffee just off the Main Square on Sedlarska. The café also serves mixed drinks and draught beer. Anitk is popular with tourists, local businessmen, and locals, and all are vying for the street side seating. On colder days the outside seating is surrounded by glass, and gas heaters keep you and your coffee warm.

Verne - located in the building of the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts on Hviezdoslavovo Square is a charming café with antique furniture and unique decorations based on some the fantastical themes that exist within the books of the French writer Jules Verne. Verne serves excellent coffee but is also popular for draught beer and drinks in the evening. Throughout the day the kitchen serves up a variety of mainly local dishes (albeit with varied quality). Outside seating along the square is hugely popular.

Gay Sauna is located on Zivnostenska street 4. Opening hour: daily from 3.00 pm till 12.00 am and Fri-Sat till 2.00 am.

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