Slovak dishes - Goose feast and other tips for gourmands

Taste of Small Carpathian Region

Love for food is eternal. Gastronomy is concern through which we are keen on knowing more regions, people and their way of live. Small Carpathian area is not just popular vine area, but also a place where wine goes together with delicious food specialties.

We invite all gourmands to join traditional local pig slaughter taking place in Pezinok town, where you can also do all preparation work. You will be involved in traditions which definitely create essential part of this feast and you can watch preparation of classic food specialties from pig meat. During all day long you will taste delicious specialties which are definitely not offered in classic restaurants, special local cabbage soup, scraps of meat, sausages, roasted saddle and other local specialties. But also delicious wine, music and festivities and entertainment are inseparable part together with work and food.

Goose Feast

In autumn, you can taste a special drink of grapes just at the beginning of fermentation called burčiak (burchyyak), known as Sturm in German-speaking countries, but not only this. Geese must fear for their lives as there is a village Slovenský Grob known for its famous goose feasts. Geese baked in a special local manner are served with thin potato pancakes called lokša (loksha), burčiak (storm) but also local quality wines. A popular phrase is that goose is served in any house in the village; nevertheless it is better to order the goose in advance in a recommended facility.

List of restaurants in Slovensky Grob:

Grobsky dvor, Vajnorska 3, Slovensky Grob

Husacie Hody, Pezinska 28, Slovensky Grob

Grobska izba, Hlavna 193, Slovensky Grob

Husacina u gastana, Zahumenna 22, Slovensky Grob

Husacina u Galika, Lipova 21, Slovensky Grob

but many more ...

Slovak dishes

You will find restaurants claiming to have traditional ‘Slovak’ dishes all over Bratislava. It is not an officially certified name – there is no quality control about which restaurants are really “Slovak”, so of course the quality and price may vary. But in general any restaurant that displays the Slovak-language “Slovenska restauracia” will offer you a real chance to taste authentic Slovak cooking.

The Slovak most typical dish is "bryndzové halušky" - potato dumplings with special sheep cheese and fried bacon.

Another typical Slovak dish is roasted goose with potato pancake and cabagge. It is a speciality of the Slovakia southwest countyside specifficaly in village Slovensky Grob which is famous thanks to Goose Feast.

In the past, Slovak cooking had a lot of dishes without meat, above all based on flour, like for example the already mentioned halusky (small dumplings) - that where prepared by a mixture of flour and potatoes, accompanied with cheese of sheep (bryndza), covered with bacon, or with the combination of sauerkraut, or of cottage cheese, the pirohy - that are a kind of Italian ravioli, that are stuffed with cottage cheese, sheep cheese (bryndza) or, the sweet version, with jam, cover with poppy or with the minced walnuts.

Traditional Slovakia Food

- Bryndzove halushky: potato dumplings with sheep cheese (bryndza) and roasted bacon
- Zemiakové placky: potato pancakes fried in oil with garlic and flour
- Granadír: pasta with potato
- Fried cheese: cheese fried in bread crumbs
- Schnitzel: Vienna schnitzel
- Lokše: potato pancake

Sweet Slovakia Food

- Pancakes
- Dolky: smaller size thicker pancakes
- Ryžový nákyp: sweet baked rise
- Žemľovka: white bread baked with fruit and eggs
- Parené buchty: steamed dumplings filled with jam with sweet toping
- Šišky: fried dumplings

Slovak soups

- Kapustnica: soup made of sour cabbage and smoked pork sausage, variations also include adding mushrooms or plums
- Bean soup: made of beans and root vegetables such as carrots and parsley
- Garlic soup: usually cooked in chicken broth
- Goulash soup: made of beef, paprika, marjoram and potatoes


- Bryndza: special type of traditional Slovak sheep cheese
- Cheeses: Parenica, oštiepok, korbáčik
- Treska: salad that contains codfish, mayonnaise and various vegetables
- Valašsky Trdelnik: wives hollow cake
- Jaternica: a blood sausage containing parts of a butchered pig and rice
- Klobása: a sausage made of pork meat, salt, garlic and pepper
- Fish dishes: trout fish, carp fish

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