Internet cafes and free WiFi hotspots in Bratislava

WiFi Hotspots in Bratislava

Bratislava City Internet Access Points

City of Bratislava has launched pilot project of providing internet access in the city centre. There are 3 locations with PC terminals connected to the broadband internet available at the moment. First one is located near the gate of Primatial Palace at Primatial square opposite to Bratislava Town Hall. The other two public internet kiosks are located in the entry hall of City Hall and in the Bratislava Culture and Information Centre building. All kiosks are equipped with the standard keyboard and trackball and are available to public free of charge.

Bratislava City WiFi coverage

Primatial Square, Main Square and Frantiskanske Square are covered by the wireless internet free of charge.

List of some bars, pubs, café and restaurants with FREE WiFi HotSpot

Apollon, Panenska 24, Bratislava, FREE
Café café, Venturska 2, Bratislava, FREE
Chez David, Zamocka 13/A, Bratislava, FREE
Coffee & Beauty, Povraznicka 1, Bratislava, FREE
Coffee & Co., Michalska 2, Bratislava, FREE
Coffee & Co., Cintorinska 3/A, Bratislava, FREE
Corrida de Toros, Laurinska 7, Bratislava, FREE
Double M, Zilinska 1, Bratislava, FREE
Hot shot, Nam. SNP 2, Bratislava, FREE
Jazz café, Venturska 5, Bratislava, FREE
Michaela, Kycerskeho 10, Bratislava
Netcafe, Obchodna 22, Bratislava
Nu spirit, Medena 16, Bratislava
Rio Pub, Zabotova 9, Bratislava, FREE
San Marten, Panska 33. Bratislava, FREE
Scherz kafe, Justicna 11, Bratislava, FREE
Schlossberg café, Mikulasska 8, Bratislava, FREE
Stein, Blumentalska 26, Bratislava, FREE
Štefánka, Palisady 59, Bratislava, FREE
U Dvoch prasiatok, Safarikovo nam.4, Bratislava, FREE

List of all FREE WiFi hotspots including cafes, restaurants, hotels and other public points.

List of all PAID WiFi hotspots including cafes, restaurants, hotels and other public points.

Internet Cafes in Bratislava

Nowdays there are more and more decent Internet Cafe in the centre of Bratislava which you can find quite. Prices at most Internet Cafe vary between 2 EUR – 4 EUR per hour, but you can find some that are cheaper too.

We list most popular of Internet Cafe below:

Internet Centrum (Michalska 2) – it is located inside a mini mall (which also houses the Old City Hotel), shares the space with a DVD rental place. Water and tea served for free.

Inet Cafe (Panenska) - a quiet and pleasant place offering internet access in Old Town Library. They also have MS Office installed in case you need to work with attachments.

OI Internet /The Austrian Institute
(Bastova 9 ) - a nice coffee shop with an Internet café.

iCybercafe (Aupark Shopping Centre) In the summer months, the cafe is open around the clock and offers computers equipped with webcams and microphones. They serve good coffee and a broad selection of other soft-drinks and alcohol there.

1st Slovak Pub (Obchodna 62) - this lively large pub offers some PCs with internet connections.

Internet Cafe at Tesco (Kamenne square 1) – at the ground floor. .

MEGAiNet (Klariska 4) - friendly cafe round the corner Michalska street.

Double M (Zilinska 1) – one PC on bar and WiFi zone. They serve very good coffee and teas with offer of Bio teas too.

Intrenet Coctail Bar
(Obchodna 58) - nice modern place with 6 PC. They serve beer, wine and cocktails there.

Netcafé/Orange shop
(Obchodna 52) – Orange branded café with WiFi

Yeti Internet & bar (Obchodna 4) – 25 PC as a separate part of bar.

Internet club (Jesenskeho 7) - in a pleasant environment of an art gallery of Bulgarian Culture and Information Institute, 6 computers available, printer, scanner, AOL 'friendly'

Klub Internet (Vajanskeho nabrezie 2)

List of all Intrenet Cafes in Bratislava and the places where they offer beer at the same time.

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