Sport in Bratislava

Multisports centres

Fanatix Bratislava (Dunajska 23) is a squash and fitness center. Fanatix offers exercises with professional trainers, quality facilities, squash, solarium, fitbar, massages, cosmetics and hairdresser's.

Fitness Golem Club (Aupark shopping cente, Einsteinova 18) offers exercises with professional trainers, quality facilities, aerobic, counselling, schwinn cycling, squash and massages.

InPulse Fitness (National Tennis Centre, Prikopova 6) offers exercises with professional trainers, quality facilities, aerobic, spinning, yoga lessons, squash, counselling, massages, sauna, hydrotherapeutics, electrotherapeutics and magnetotherapeutics. In the bulding there are several tennis courts as well as outdoor ones.

Fitness Herkules (near to Lake Kuchajda and Polus City Center, Tomasikova 30) offers exercises of aerobic & yoga and there are olso sqash, sauna, solarium, fitbar, cosmetics and massages.

Cunovo Water Sports

There is a Cunovo Water Sports Centre situated just some 20 minutes from downtown of Bratislava and easily accessible by both public transportation and car. What is waiting for you when you come into olympic area of water sports? Adventure and extra ordinary experience in one"of the best artificial water channels in the world with 5 various regulable routes. The length of the rafting course is 380 meters. We recommend to take a reliable partner agency who organise rafting trips and transport by private shuttle to the area and back. You can broaden your scope by visiting Gallery of modern art - Danubiana situated in the area. In short distance in Rusovce it is possible to visit Roman military camp Gerulata built in 2nd century as a part of Limes Romanus.

Hiking & Biking

Bratislava's location on the slopes of the Small Carpathians hills offers a wide range of hiking and biking possibilities in the surrounding area. There are many possible starting points for a short family trip, a walk, or an all-day hike from the centre of individual city districts. The city is on the international Danube cycle path, which is popular with cyclists in the section that runs by the floodplain woods between Petrzalka, Rusovce and Cunovo. The numerous hiking routes around Bratislava are easy to follow thanks to an official system of colour symbols along the way (usually on trees, rocks or lamp-posts).

Look at map of tourist & cycle paths.

Hiking & Biking recommendations:

Zelezma studienka is popular starting point for biking & hiking routes in the northern part of Bratislava. You'll need a mountain or trekking bike for all the roads, because there are many hills and the roads run through nice forest. There is a chairlift connecting Zelezna Studienka and Kamzik Hill which distance is 988 m.

Kamzik hill, (caleld also Koliba, 440 m.a.s.), is the best known part of Bratislava Forest Park, is that one under the TV tower. There is a summer bobsleigh run on the meadow. Take trolley-bus from opposite the Presidential Palace (Grassalkovich Palace) and take off at its last stop, called "Koliba".

There is a nice hiking route to the Devin Castle & Sandberg from the suburb of Dubravka. You can get there easily with trams number 1, 5 and 12. Follow Pod Zahrada street up the hill. Follow yellow hiking route to the Devin Castle. (Distance from city centre to Devin is 10 km and additional 5km to Sandberg).

One of the most popular cycling route follows the south bank of the Danube river towards Danubiana Art Museum, one of the youngest art museums in Europe, an unique museum of modern art surrounded by water. Take bus no. 91 to terminal stop in Cunovo and follow signs. The museum is about 15 km away from the city centre and on the bike route there are numerous cafes and bars along the way. This route is also very popular among roller skaters as there is a road especially for them for a portion of the route.

From Cunovo the cycling route continues to the Gabcikovo dam, which is about 70 km away from the city centre.

There are also excellent cycling routes to Vienna (Austria, 64 km) through a national park. From the south side of the New Bridge follow the cycling path west towards the Austrian border. After the border post follow cycling path signs to Vienna.

Inline Skating

Inline skating is becoming very popular in summer months thanks to unique opportunities created by nature. The track starts in the centre of city (on Petrzalka side, under the Old Bridge) and is as long as your strength can reach. The mound, man-made part of the barrage, which is between Danube and Petrzalka is covered by velvet asphalt which is ideal for inline skaters and cyclists. Track leads to Cunovo (about 18 km), popular place because of its resort for water sports, mainly for canoeing and water slalom, and to Gabcikovo (about 48 km), gigantic Slovak river dam.

The track from the town to Cunovo is literally surrounded by snack stands, there are also skate rentals. In many places track is divided into two independent lanes, so that skaters and cyclists don't collide with each other.

Bratislava Inline is a summer inline skating event for everyone with positive energy, for everyone that skates. It takes place every Friday evening from the end of June to end of August. Security of skaters is guaranteed by police, ambulance and a special „inline team“.

Ice Skating & Ice Hockey

There is a public ice ring in Avion Shopping Park which is open daily between 5 pm and 7 pm. During weekends from 10 am untill 7 pm. The entrance for 2 hours is 1 EUR. There is skates rental and edging service availble.

The people are very proud of their Slovak ice hockey teams and games are a blast. If you are visiting during the winter season be sure to check the HC Slovan team's website for a game calendar.


Golf Bernolakovo, Slovakia

There are three golf courses around Bratislava:

1. Piestany Spa Golf Course (9 holes)

2. Golf Club Neusiedlersee (in nearby Donnerkirchen, Austria) this course is only a little over a half an hour away and has 18 holes

3. Golf Club Bernolakovo (9 holes)


There is a bowling available in Aupark Shopping centre. There is a bar inside and you can also rent proper shoes at the place.

Once you are in Aupark you can also visit other sports activities such as Fitness centre or The Liana Ropes Complex which is certainly leading recreational and sporting facility there. The course has 24 ropes over three fioors with heights up to 10 metres.

Horse Racing

If you are horse lover enjoy the horse races at Bratislava's hippodrome the horse racing track in Petrzalka on the right side of the Danube. In season between April and October over 20 races take place usually on Sundays afternoon.

You can get to the racing track by car or by bus #95, the journey takes 15 minutes.

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