Shopping in Bratislava - Bratislava malls, markets and others

Looking for a shopping paradise? Bratislava with its stores long opening hours and newly built shopping malls open over weekends and holidays is the right place to shop. Like in other places, you can get products of renowned world brands as well as typically Slovak products. The Bratislava Old Town is home to some interesting retailers too such as the jewellery shops, bookstores, wine stores, Czech and Slovak glass and porcelain or ceramics, plenty of antiques and local souvenirs.

Gifts & Local souvenirs

ULUV (SNP square & Obchodna street) traditional folk products

Bratislava souvenir shop (SNP square, next to Mc Donald's)

WEIDLER - 3 shops all in city centre, on Hlavné sq. 2, Handlovska 24 and Shopping Centre Aupark - luxury gifts

FOLK ART, Panska 2

TWIGGI, Klariská 7, ethnic


We recommend to visit main square and besides shopping you can enjoy much different atmosphere there by walking around dozens of little wooden kiosks. You can also try Tesco on Kamene square and buy some gifts for reasonable prices.

Crystal & pottery

KATKA, Pánska 24 - luxurious crystal and glass products

RONA, Laurinská 6 - glass & crystal

IN VIVO, Panská 13 - ceramics, pottery

SILKA, Štúrová 9, glass, porcelan, ceramics, silver jewellery

KORAL, Rybarska brana 1, bohemian crystal, glasses, lamps, carafes

MOSER, Zelena street 1-3 - high quality products of outstanding beauty, luxuroius Czech glass products

SLOVENSKÁ ĽUDOVÁ MAJOLIKA, Modra (25 km from Bratislava) - typical Sloavk majolic from Modra, traditional porcelain shop

Art to buy

K GALLERY on Venurska stret 8 - different sorts of applied art e.g. glass, porcelain, furniture, jewellery, clothing…

NOVA DESIGN STORE on Laurinská 15 - interior decoration, furniture

MICHALSKÝ DVOR on Michalská 3 - czech graphics and paintings, there is a Tea room inside Michalsky Dvor gallery

DONNER on Klobučnícka street 4 - paintings, sculptures, applied art

GALLERY BRUNOVSKY on Michalská 6 - silver jewelery, ceramics, graphics, paintings

GALLERY NOVA on Baštova 2 - oldest private gallery in Slovakia, Slovak & Czech glass

KOMART GALLERY on Zámočnícka street 8 - modern art shop, focus on geometric abstraction pf Central European artists

ARDAN GALLERY on Dobrovičova 7 - Slovak paintings


A plenty of little antique shops are scattered around Bratislava city centre. If you want to sample a few, walk the Korzo (Sedlarska, Michalska) and surrounding streets (Laurinska, Obchodna) and you will find majority of them. There are several of them on Palackeho street near the Reduta building. Most shops cater to an international clients and therefotre are marked in English or German (Antiques, Antiquitaten) but watch those in Slovak too - Starozitnictvo, Starozitnosti.

GALERIA MARÁKY on Panská 17, found at 1937, Tue - Fri 10 am -6 pm, Sat 10 am – 1 pm

STEINER on Ventúrska 20 - books

ANTIKVA on Preposka street 4

STAROŽITNOSTI ANTIK on Michalská st. 3 -  various, Mon - Fri 10 am – 5 pm, Sat 10 am - 1 pm

ANTIQUES AT ZOFKA on Michalska 5 - porcelain, paintings, glass, jewelry

U STAREHO HODINARA on Zidovska street - clock's, watches

STILL ART on Palackého 20 - furniture, paintings, Mon- Fri: 10 am – 6 pm, Sat: 9 am -1 pm

SECESSIONS (Gallery Antika Dorota) on Palackého 8, Mon - Fri 1 pm - 5:30 pm

ART DECORATIONS on Kozia 15, Mon - Thu 11 am -7 pm, Fri 10 am - 6 pm

Wine Shops

For Slovak wines but also foreign wines try:

Wineshop Trunk, Zupne namestie, near Michalska street

St. Michael's (at Michalska street)

Vinoteka Sv. Urbana (on Klobucnicka street, near the City Hall)

Wine shop Kodrianka (on Laurinska street) - specialising in Moldavian and French wines

It is worth to visit Matysak Hotel as there is an ancient cellar with room for 45000 bottles. A large selection is available for tasting at the store and buy them in Wine shop. We recomend to visit this cellar and whay not to have a dinner in their cellar restaurant.

Shopping Centres

Bratislava’s top shopping destinations are its shiny new malls – Polus City Centre, Aupark, Avion Shopping Centre and the newest one Shopping Palace.

Polus City Center is about 15 minutes from downtown by tram (you can take tram No. 1,2 or 4).

Aupark is just 5 minutes by bus (No. 50) or better just 15 minutes walking from downtown - on the south bank of the Danube river. At both ones you will find the most of the same brand-name retailers as in Western Europe as well as a multiplex cinema and a wide variety of eating options.

Avion Shopping Park is located just next to the Airport being a part of shopping area together with Ikea, Kika, Hornbach and some other stores. This one is the most popular one and the biggest one.

Shopping Palace is the newest one but propably because of its distance and size (next to Golden Sands, at the moment in expansion) it is just a standard one althrough you can find ice ring there.

Central Market Mileticova (Centralne trhovisko)

Main and largest Bratislava open air market on Mileticova Street is a different shopping experience. We recommend to visit it on Saturday's morning when it is full of locals selling own production of vegetable, fruits and flowers. As everywhere you can find also cheap clothing kiosks and many other industrial products on very discounted prices. It is easily accessible by public transport (trolleybus 201 or 207).

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