Bratislava city tours and boat trips

Few hours trips in Bratislava Old Town

City tour in Bratislava Old TownCity tour in Bratislava Old Town

Old Town Tours by Minibus & Minitrains

There are two companies and 2 types of historical vehicles by which operators presently offer their tours. Charming red mini-train The Presporacik is bio-fuel powered vehicle traveling at a leisurely pace and is available for hire in the Main Square from 9 am to 5 pm for half-hour and full-hour tours around the Old Town. The Presporacik operates around the Old Town in any weather with tours in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Slovak, Japanese and Dutch.

The second one runs tours by slightly larger vehicle which depart daily from Bratislava Passenger Port.

Walking Tours

Whole Bratislava Old Town including Bratislava Castle can be explored conveniently on foot. A free walking tour is available in Bratislava Culture and Information Centre at the Primacialne Square where you can purchase The Bratislava City Card.

If you prefer organized groups join scheduled walking tours that are available all-year-round in Bratislava Tourist Service. They are leaving every day at 2 pm from Bratislava Tourist Service Information Agency office at Venturska 9. The tours are conducted in English and German. Additional languages can be arranged on request at least one day in advance.

For self guided tours use a Bratislava guidebook or visit the official Bratislava Tourist Information Centre in the Primatial Square.

Boat trip by Danube river to Devin Castle or Vienna

Trips by boat on Danube RiverTrips by boat on Danube River

Devin Castle

During summer season there is a panorama sightseeing boat trip from the Bratislava City to the Devin Castle. Tourists can take a two-way trip or a one-way trip and the ship anchors at Devin, close to the castle. There is a seasonal river link from the Austrian Hainburg to the Devin. This very popular form of sightseeing is operated by various type of boats with different itinerary.

Simple sightseeing tour of Bratislava, tour to the or one day trip to Vienna are available. Find more information on sightseeing tours by boat.


How to get there by bus
Municipal busses in Bratislava: Bus No. 29, from the city - Novy Most bus station - 30 minutes, Bus no. 28 from Devinska Nova Ves (an outer part of the Bratislava) - 15 minutes.

Hiking & cykling
For instance from the Dubravka part of the Bratislava to Devin - approximately 2 hours.
You can make you walking route a little longer by visiting the Sandberg area close to the Devinska Nova Ves. Total 4.5 hours. The sand field of Sandberg is known as a paleontological locality. Both hiking routes offer a great view on the confluence of the Danube and the Morava rivers and on the Devin Castle. Cycling along Danube river - 8 km from the Karlova Ves, or along Morava, from Devinska Nova Ves (4.5 km). There is a special cycling route.


If you want to jump away for a daytrip to another country why to don’t take a boat trip to Vienna? There are several companies and ways of transport how to get there. Either choose Hydrofoil or take Twin City Liner - find all details, schedules and special offers.

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