Curiosities of Bratislava - tips for tourists

Cunovo -Water Sports Area

There is a Cunovo Water Sports Centre situated just some 20 minutes from downtown of Bratislava and easily accessible by both public transportation and car. What is waiting for you when you come into olympic area of water sports? Adventure and extra ordinary experience in one"of the best artificial water channels in the world with 5 various regulable routes. The length of the rafting course is 380 meters. We recommend to take a reliable partner agency who organise rafting trips and transport by private shuttle to the area and back. You can broaden your scope by visiting Gallery of modern art - Danubiana situated in the area. In short distance in Rusovce it is possible to visit Roman military camp Gerulata built in 2nd century as a part of Limes Romanus.

Cellars Open Day

Wine served here is usually a quality dry sort wine grown in region of Small Carpathians, mainly Welschriesling, Riesling, Veltlin, Lemberger or St. Laurent. The best way to taste wine is to visit cellars of private vintners who started their business after the fall of Communism.

A unique event in Slovakia is held in the mid November – Day of Open Cellars’ Doors - when dozens of wine cellars throughout along the entire route stretching for 40 km in the region from Bratislava to Trnava are accessible for public on Friday and Saturday afternoon. For 30 EUR a visitor receives a map, a glass, a badge entitling to entry to the cellars and a voucher for bonus and can start the trip.

Goose Feast

In autumn, you can taste a special drink of grapes just at the beginning of fermentation called burčiak (burchyyak), known as Sturm in German-speaking countries, but not only this. Geese must fear for their lives as there is a village Slovenský Grob known for its famous goose feasts. Geese baked in a special local manner are served with thin potato pancakes called lokša (loksha), burčiak (storm) but also local quality wines. A popular phrase is that goose is served in any house in the village; nevertheless it is better to order the goose in advance in a recommended facility.

List of restaurants in Slovensky Grob:

Grobsky dvor, Vajnorska 3, Slovensky Grob

Husacie Hody, Pezinska 28, Slovensky Grob

Grobska izba, Hlavna 193, Slovensky Grob

Husacina u gastana, Zahumenna 22, Slovensky Grob

Husacina u Galika, Lipova 21, Slovensky Grob

but many more ...

Christmas Markets in Bratislava

Bratislava is home to a very cosy Christmas market, constantly expanding as more people want to gather together for hot mulled wine and buy gifts and souvenirs. There are plenty of stalls selling local folk handicrafts, including dolls, ceramics and jewelry. Market usually starts on early December and last until December 24. Each year, the markets are officially opened the Christmas tree lights are switched on. While the original market was centered on the Main Square (Hlavne námestie), the markets have since expanded to include Hviezdoslavovo Square and Františkánske Square.

History of the Bratislava Christmas Markets

Starting in post-Soviet times, Bratislava’s modern Christmas markets were first held in 1993. The official intention was that locals could “spend the advent period together in the historic heart of the city”. Soon, however, the markets attracted all the ex-pats who work in the embassies in the Old Town and over the last decade or so many tourists from Vienna and further afield have come to enjoy the cosy markets that don’t feel quite as commercial as the larger markets, for example in Prague.

When it’s food you’re after, the choices are many, varied, and usually very good (although translated into English they don’t always sound it!) – bread with dripping and onion, pancakes with goose livers, lokse (potato crepes) that come with various sweet or savoury fillings, pancakes and apple pies. Very importantly in the chilly Slovak winter, you can get a good hot drink of mulled wine, honey liqueur or Christmas punch (and alcohol-free versions too), or some hardier Slovak spirits if the temperature goes too far under freezing.

Inline skating along Danube Dam

Inline skating is becoming very popular in summer months thanks to unique opportunities created by nature. The track starts in the centre of city (on Petrzalka side, under the Old Bridge) and is as long as your strength can reach. The mound, man-made part of the barrage, which is between Danube and Petrzalka is covered by velvet asphalt which is ideal for inline skaters and cyclists. Track leads to Cunovo (about 18 km), popular place because of its resort for water sports, mainly for canoeing and water slalom, and to Gabcikovo (about 48 km), gigantic Slovak river dam.

The track from the town to Cunovo is literally surrounded by snack stands, there are also skate rentals. In many places track is divided into two independent lanes, so that skaters and cyclists don't collide with each other.

Bratislava Inline is a summer inline skating event for everyone with positive energy, for everyone that skates. It takes place every Friday evening from the end of June to end of August. Security of skaters is guaranteed by police, ambulance and a special „inline team“.

City curiosities

City Statues

Rubberneck (Panska and Sedlarska street) no other city in the world has a statue sticking out of a manhole! . Rubberneck has already lost his head twice due to careless drivers, therefore the city councillors decided to help him by erecting a road sign to warn drivers.

Schoner Naci (Sedlarska street) was a real part of Bratislava local colour. This statue commemorates the eccentric dandy who dressed in a top hat and tails and lived at the beginning of the 20th century. He was often seen strolling around the Bratislava korzo, giving flowers to passing ladies and sometimes adding a prewar musical hit.

Taunter (Panska street) is a strange figure.There are various explanations for this statue of a stooping man on the facade of a house. One of them says it is intended to ridicule a curious owner of an adjacent house who used to "spy" on passers-by on the street through a small oriel window

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